School begins at 8 a.m.  Any student arriving after that time will be considered tardy. It is important to arrive before a class begins because in the first few minutes of a class, instructions are given for the lesson of the day.  Tardy students must report to the office with a note signed and dated by a parent explaining the reason for the tardiness.  In case of absence, parents should notify the school office before the school day begins.  The day a student returns from an absence, the parent must send a signed and dated note to the office explaining the reason for the absence.  Only notes accompanied by a doctor’s note will be considered an excused absence.  Students will not be allowed to return to class without an absent/tardy slip from the office.

A full day absence will result if an elementary student misses more than three hours or three subject periods of a normal school day.  Middle/high school students’ attendance will be checked each period and a tardy or absence recorded for that period.  Five tardies will equate to one day absent.

Consistently being tardy for a class is disruptive to the entire class and has an effect on the educational process.  Tardiness is also a poor habit that practiced long enough will become a character issue.  In order to help the student learn the importance of time the following tardy policy will be adopted.  If more than 5 tardies are accumulated in a quarter, they will be counted as an unexcused absence.  See the absence policy in the following paragraph.

After 5 absences in a quarter, the student’s grades will be reduced by 5%.  Each additional 3 absences will result in a further reduction of grades by 5%.  Absence with a doctor’s excuse will be exempt from this policy.  Days absent are not to be considered “skip days” but should be taken for legitimate absences such as illness, emergencies, or circumstances beyond the control of the parent. All work must be made up after an absence, and the student has the number of days absent plus one day to make up the work.  The student is expected to begin make up work immediately upon return.

If a parent decides to hold a child out of school for an extended time, the above policy applies.  If the teacher is notified at least two weeks ahead of time on the last day of school before the absence, the student may be given the work that will be missed.  This work must be returned completed on the day of return.  The student will be expected to be ready for all class work and to begin making up missed tests on the return date.  If the student misses school within the last two weeks of the grading period, the student will receive an incomplete until the work is made up.  Those students missing school within two weeks of the end of the school year will receive 0’s on the assignments not made up before the end of the year.

Students/parents are responsible for completion of the missed work.  Please understand that absences create a hardship for:

1. The student- Class room instruction will be missed which may hinder mastering the material covered.

2.  The home-Parents will be responsible that the work is completed and that concepts have been learned.

3.  Other students-The teacher’s time will be taken away from the class as a whole when trying to accommodate one returning student.

4.  The teacher-The school day is very busy, and the teacher has limited time to help a student catch up on missed material.

Please consider all of the people involved and make sure your student isn’t absent unnecessarily.

Any intermediate/ high school student who is absent ten or more days in a semester will not be able to pass that semester’s work.  No tuition refunds are made because of absences.

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