Yearbook Opportunity!

February13, 2020
by fcsadmin2

Have you ever wondered what your pictures would look like if they were published in a book for all to see? Well, here is your chance to find out! Yearbook is looking for some assistance in gathering photos from all perspectives of the school! If you have any pictures from field trips, parties, class activities, sporting events, or anything else having to do with school, please upload them today!

It’s Easy!

1.) Go to
2.) Scroll to the bottom of the page.
3.) Click the link with the camera icon.
4.) Follow the instructions to select & upload images.
*You can do this from a smartphone or laptop!

Option #2

*If you don’t mind uploading images to a disk or USB, we can use your pictures that way as well!
*Just label what class and event is on the USB/disk.


Anna Deverell
If you need help!