Preschool Requirements

Preschool Requirements

A few excerpts of the preschool requirements from the Preschool Handbook are listed below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but enough to give an idea of what is expecting when attending an FCS preschool class.


Only children 3 years-old by July 31 through five years of age may be accepted into the preschool/kindergarten programs. Each child must be potty trained. We reserve the right to use our professional judgment in determining the placement of each child on an individual basis. State regulated teacher/student ratio will be the standard for each class. Our license permits 131 preschool children at our facility.

Jewelry and Hair

Girls: Only small stud earrings are allowed.  No other jewelry (bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc.) will be allowed for safety reasons. Hair is to be neatly combed, pulled up, and kept out of eyes. Clear nail polish only.

Boys:  They are not allowed to wear earrings of any sort. No other jewelry (including watches) will be allowed. Hair must be short enough that it does not touch the collar of the uniform shirt and it cannot touch the top of the ear nor be combed behind the ear. Hair must be combed off the forehead in such a manner that it is not touching the eyebrows. Tails are not allowed.

No colored, dyed, or faddish hairstyles are acceptable for boys or girls.

Tattoos are considered a distraction to the child, and therefore, are not acceptable for either boys or girls.


Uniforms are required at all times (see pamphlet provided by school).  Solid black, tie shoes (canvas shoes are preferred) must be worn with solid black ankle socks. Children may not be admitted or may be sent home if they are out of uniform.  Only Friendship jackets may be worn as outerwear at school. Uniforms must be kept in good repair at all times.  Stained or torn uniforms are unacceptable.  Ragged, faded or outgrown uniforms must be replaced.  All shorts must be to the top of the knee.